It's a real tsunami that shakes the world of high-tech. Since the revelation of the critical flaw of Intel processors, concern is rising as to the consequences it will have on the performance of the devices. Today, the case goes up a notch: the processors AMD and ARM would not be spared.

New revelations come to flesh out the Meltdown business - for Intel CPUs - and Spectrum - for AMD and ARM CPUs. In an article in Project Zero's blog, Google's teams detail the technical problems that affect almost all the processors currently on the market. According to chief expert Jahn Horn, Google reportedly warned Intel in 2017 about the discovery of this flaw and the 3 potential forms of attack that result.

But according to this same team of Project Zero, AMD and ARM are also concerned, even if the risks seem more limited. This is probably why all processor manufacturers are working with OS publishers to develop a solution as quickly as possible. The flaw is not limited to the Microsoft-Intel duopoly. It's the whole high-tech ecosystem that could be shaken.

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