a way to create pair matching video games with AppsGeyser I realize, but this one is for my son. We each like googling FNAF images. but, there’s more to that. So, I determined to create an app for us to play collectively. It’s form of an exercising that proves that an interactive pair matching sport can be a number of amusing.

AppsGeyser is a web service that turns web content into Android application. Once the application is created - just copy the URL and then fill in a few fields; download it on your mobile.

The app can also enrich the AppsGeyser gallery, or be published on the Android Market! In short, an emergency test service.

To really appreciate the AppsGeyser tool, try to train us to create a news application, and that by transforming an existing news site into a real android application. Let's move on to practices:

1 - Sign in to AppsGeyser

2 - Click Create Now

3 - Click on Mobile Website

4 - Phase 1: setting up the application:

1 - Mobile address of your site
2 - Name of the application, must be unique
3 - Description and
4 - Application icon in PNG format 72 x 72 pixels, download a free image in Google Images by specifying an approximate size.
5 - Category for the Site Directory
6 - Validate the entry

5 - Phase 2: Entering the creation information of your account.

6 - Your application is created, it is displayed in the Dashboard

1 Click this button to download the application to your mobile via a QR code;
2 The Edit button is used to modify your applications, and possibly delete them.

Younes Derfoufi

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