Learn kotlin app is the best choice of kotlin programmers to learn kotlin programming and Kotlin documentation. There are step by step programs of Kotlin Android programs and their release.
This feature of the app offers such as: Offline access the content with the snippt Codes program and their output.

 Kotlin is a statically typed language developed by Jetbrains. whose syntax is more expressive and concise than java. So, if you are a qualified Java programmer, you will learn kotlin in a very short time


complete Kotlin's documentation
wise explanation
Simple user interface
Kotlin programs included:
Hi world
Sum program
How to Display Natural Number in Kotlin.
Permutation of two numbers to Kotlin.
Factoriel of numbers in Kotlin.
Maximum number
Write Duplicate Number program in Android Kotlin
Prime number
Fibonacci Series
Inverted number
Bubble Tri
Sorting the selection
Floyd triangle in Kotlin.


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