Reserved until now for some recent versions of Android, especially those for Pixel smartphones, Night Mode Luminous will be integrated with all versions of Android P. A whole bunch of options will be added to customize the settings.
As on iOS, it will be possible to set the start and stop times, or to model them on the sunrise and sunset times.

Welcome to you, Night Light

Generalized on the iPhone and iPad since iOS 9.3, the night mode, called Night Shift by Apple, will have delayed landing on Android. Deployed, but partially, from Android 7.0 Nougat, it was initially reserved for smartphones Pixel. The cover was a little bit better with Oreo, at the price, however, of a tedious navigation in the adjustment menus.

Named by Google Night Light, the function to filter the blue light will be made easier to trigger with Android P. And, good news, all smartphones will enjoy this convenient option to preserve the health of his eyes and quality of his sleep.

Go to bed and get up with the sun

The beta version of Android P available since May 8 offers little better than an on / off button to trigger the Night Light. But in future updates, it should expand customization tools: it will for example be possible to activate or deactivate at times scheduled in advance. You can adjust the cycle as you wish, or model it on the times of sunrise and sunset.
Options that seem obvious to an iPhone user: one wonders why, given the knowledge we have today about the deleterious effects of blue light, and the time we all spend on average on our smartphones, Google did not integrate this Night Light conspicuously in the proposed shortcuts, as Apple chose to do in iOS ...

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