Connected objects could greatly multiply in our homes in the coming years. They are designed to make life easier, and sometimes save us. "They can help us not to fall asleep at the wheel, we have known for a long time this button for the elderly, if they fall or do not feel good, they support it and a person is available to help them 24h / 24h. little blue bracelet to verify that your child is well mounted in his school bus.
This automatically sends an SMS to parents and it helps reassure them, "says journalist Simon Ricottier.

Some precautions of use

With these connected objects, are we really sure that our data will be well protected? "The law requires companies that make these objects to be very vigilant about privacy, but some are unscrupulous. (...) Read the terms of use, turn off the objects when you do not do not serve and protect them with a password, "advises the reporter.

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