Google Assistant, the intelligent personal assistant created by the American giant, was recently programmed to trigger the trigger of a gun, reports Engadget Wednesday. The initiative was imagined by the American artist Alexander Reben, who wants to warn about the excesses related to artificial intelligence.

In a video called "Google Tire", you can see a pistol shoot a single apple, in response to the order "Ok Google, activate the gun." A reminder that artificial intelligence can be diverted for malicious purposes.
"The installation was very easy to perform," commented the artist, who said that the experience could just as easily be done with another voice assistant like Alexa (Amazon).

With this video, the artist intends to warn about the risks related to artificial intelligence, while it is massively integrated into our equipment, including cars. According to Alexander Reben, it is impossible to consider all the risks associated with this technology on a case-by-case basis.

An intelligent and flexible assistant
Able to respond to many queries, Google Assistant has many applications in the areas of multimedia and connected home.

The program can give time, weather, music on demand or a radio program, or even adjust the heating and brightness of a room. It can also be modified to better adapt to the expectations of humans. And until you order a weapon to fire ...

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