Zotac is expanding its range of MEK gaming desktops with two new products, the Ultra and the Mini. The brand also uses the Computex to introduce a more powerful, more comfortable and more compact version of its VR backpack.
Last year, Zotac introduced the MEK1 to Computex, a slim desktop PC for gamers, almost as much as a home console. This year, the manufacturer from Hong Kong doubles the bet with two new machines, much less flat, the MEK Ultra and the MEK Mini. You'll understand, the first is a Goliath while the second is much more like ... David.

Visible above, the MEK Ultra is a Zotac creation in partnership with Cooler Master, a well-known case shaper who also designs power supplies or cooling kits for processors. The container is a custom creation for Zotac, with tempered glass wall to admire the entrails of the beast. The main body is undoubtedly the big embedded processor - a Core i9-7900X- which is cooled by one of the latest coolers or a Cooler Master watercooling kit, embellished with LEDs of all colors (called RGB ).
Also present in this monster, a massive GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme (a model full of fans and overclocked) and up to 32GB of DDR4 memory. The evoked storage solutions are multiple: up to 512 GB of SSD (NVMe) and / or 4 TB of hard disk without forgetting that 32 GB of memory Optane of Intel can also be of the trip.

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