Until now, 3D facial recognition of Apple was limited to one user. - Apple
New surprise of iOS 12: the ability to configure a second "appearance". With this feature, two users can unlock an iPhone X.
iOS 12 brings a lot of novelties, but here is one that Apple had not mentioned: the recognition of a second face on Face ID. Available from the iPhone X, Apple's 3D facial recognition system is known for its reliability, but not necessarily the most practical. A criticism is often made to him: the impossibility to configure more than one face on his device, where Touch ID could record up to five fingers. With iOS 12, it should finally be possible to share its iPhone X.

In the face ID settings of the iPhone X, there is a button "Configure a second appearance". The idea of ​​Apple is surely: to teach Face ID to recognize you with a mask, a wig or other accessories that you wear regularly, and that prevents the system from authenticating you. Although it is unfortunately still impossible to teach the iPhone to recognize you with too opaque sunglasses.
But the most interesting (diverted?) Use of this new mode is surely to configure the face of a second person as a "second appearance". By registering the face of your spouse, child or other trusted relative, it will be recognized by your iPhone automatically. Face ID can finally work with two faces.
Hope this feature does not disappear in a next beta! It is indeed not impossible that it is dedicated to the future iPad, and that Apple removes the iPhone.
The other feeling after trying iOS 12 is that Face ID seems a little faster in this new version. By reducing the duration of animations and reducing the time between each scan, Apple seems to have improved its system to make it less painful after a first failure. To be confirmed in the next betas!

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