The mobile marketing or mobile marketing or m-marketing,  is the fact of carrying out marketing actions for a consumer, by means of the mobile phone, in a targeted way.
Marketers have realized that today, four billion people around the world use a phone, including more than a billion smartphones. In the coming years, around 2014, the use of the mobile phone should exceed that of the computer.

Mobile marketing is a relationship channel between a brand or a company, from all sectors of activity, and consumers. It allows communication with the customer or customers, in a personal and targeted way. The goal is to reach and to make the consumer react by the transmission of a message, with the aim of attracting it to information advantages of which only he is the actor. According to Andreas Kaplan's academic definition, mobile marketing is "any marketing activity carried out through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device".

The development of this new communication channel has been slow until the democratization of smartphones, but it now allows companies to access rich and customizable tools (SMS, MMS, flashcodes, etc.) to create one-off operations. or sustainable, and complementing the use of other media, depending on the advertisers' choices.

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