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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Origins of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has developed since the 2000s, when mobile operators implemented interoperability networks in France and around the world. Indeed, this allowed several products, computer, phone, etc. to work together and without restriction. The first uses of mobile marketing were formerly limited to the simple use of SMS, only today, thanks in particular to the marketing of the Iphone, mobile marketing is booming4. Mobile marketing and mobile advertising in particular originated when mobile phones were connected to the internet.

In Japan, the use of the internet via its mobile phone was already democratized in 2009. In fact, the mobile penetration rate was equal to 84.7% that same year. The first creation in Japan was I-mode. Developed by NTT DoCoMo, the leader in mobile telephony, it provided direct access to users' e-mail and the consultation of services on websites8. Thanks to the success of I-mode, Japanese mobile operators have developed their functions, integrating access to free or paid sites, as well as online games, chats, multimedia services, etc. Advertising has become more widespread in a country where advertisers spent 840 million euros on mobile advertising.

The Japanese surf more on the internet via their mobile than their computer, so smartphones of foreign brands do not have the expected success because they have a technological lag compared to what is already done at Japan.

However, this is no longer the case in recent years. The Japanese feature phone, previously well ahead, has been largely overtaken by the arrival of more advanced smartphones under iOs (Apple iPhone) and Android (Google). Therefore, despite the reaction of Japanese mobile phone companies, Japanese buy more and more smartphones designed abroad (United States, South Korea, Taiwan ...).

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