Scammers are taking advantage of the popularity of the FaceApp app to spread fake apps under the name of FaceApp Pro.

If you're a fan of social networking, you've surely seen photos of your friends and family aged through a sleight of hand. This is the very popular FaceApp mobile application that makes these images very well faked through the AI. And if you're not on the networks, you may also talk about FaceApp for the concerns it raises about the data collected, all the original or processed images becoming de facto property of the publisher of FaceApp. Anyway, smart guys have seen the good trick to scam people with fake FaceApp Pro apps.

Like many apps like this, FaceApp is free, but you can unlock special, more advanced features through in-app purchases: € 3.99 per month, € 19.99 per year or € 43.99 for always. High sums that have enough incentive for many users to look for an alternative way: that of the cracked version or the free version. But neither exists, which does not prevent scammers from mirroring them as experts at the ESET cybersecurity firm have discovered.

On their blog WeLiveSecurity, they reveal that unscrupulous individuals are deploying treasures of inventiveness to take advantage of the success of FaceApp. First by creating fake sites "prompting to click on countless offers to install other paid applications and subscriptions, advertisements, surveys, etc.". These sites may also request to activate notifications that also refer to other fraudulent offers. The other way is through YouTube videos whose description contains links to apps that force you to install other apps through the Play Store.

In most cases, once the course was completed, the researchers finished with the free application of FaceApp, the one found on the Play Store. On the difference that it was downloaded on file sharing sites and that with this method, users could very well recover unwittingly malicious files ... Caution.

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