The American start-up Hyp3r, Instagram's advertising partner, has collected and uploaded the location data of millions of social network users. The subsidiary of Facebook, so far spared by the scandals around data protection that splash his group, announced Wednesday to have ended their collaboration.
It was one of the few social networks not yet pinned for poor personal data management. Instagram announced Wednesday, August 7, 2019 has "blocked" one of its advertising partners, the marketing specialist geolocated Hyp3r. What is criticized by the subsidiary of Facebook? The collection of location data and the tracking of millions of users, which would have allowed him to establish a database of profiles to determine the centers of interest and travel of each. The company monitors publications by location to retain potential customers.

The young American push, founded in 2015, acted without the knowledge of Instagram and violated the regulatory framework imposed by the social network, according to the site Business Insider reporting the case. "Hyp3r's practices have never been approved and violate the rules we've set, so we decided to ban them from our platform, and we've made changes to our product to make sure no other company may, in the future, use location data in this way "

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