Exercise 69

Write a Python program which takes a string 's' as input and which returns True if the string is duplicated and False otherwise. Example: if s = "HelloHello", the function must returns True.


# function thet takes a string s as input and returns True if s is a duplicated string
def is_duplicated_string(s):
    n = len(s)

    first we checks if the length of the string s is even or odd. 
    If it's odd, it cannot be a duplicated string, so the function returns False.
    if n % 2 != 0:
        return False
        # splits the string into two halves, first_half and second_half, and checks if they are equal.
        half = n // 2
        first_half = s[:half]
        second_half = s[half:]
        return first_half == second_half

# Now we can use this algorithm:
s1 = "HelloHello"
is_duplicated = is_duplicated_string(s1)
print(is_duplicated) # Output: True

s2 = "HelloWorld"
is_duplicated = is_duplicated_string(s2)
print(is_duplicated) # Output: False


Younes Derfoufi

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