Exercise 73

Write a python function that takes a string 's' as parameter and which delete all vowels from the string 's'. Example: if s = "Python is hight level programming language", the algorithm returns the string: "Pthn s hght lvl prgrmmng lngg"


def remove_vowels(s):
    # define all vowels in the following string:
    vowels = "AEYIOUaeyiou"

    # initialize an empty string result that will be used to build the final string without vowels.
    result = ""

    # we then loop through each character in the input string s
    for char in s:
        if char not in vowels:
            result += char
    return result

# Example of use of this algorithm:
s = "Python is hight level programming language"
result = remove_vowels(s)
#output: 'Pthn s hght lvl prgrmmng lngg'


Younes Derfoufi

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