Presented at Google I / O's developer conference last year, Google Lens's artificial intelligence-enhanced image analysis technology is beginning its deployment on the iPhone and iPad.
After Google Photo for Android, it's time for its iOS counterpart to take advantage of Google Lens technology. The kickoff of this deployment was confirmed by Google yesterday on Twitter. It is unclear for the moment whether this function - currently available only in English - will also land in France in the coming days.

In recent weeks, Google has worked to gradually deploy Google Lens on the Photo App of its own mobile OS, while also planning to extend the process to the iOS version. No precise date was known, only an estimate "in the weeks to come" had been communicated. The process is now officially engaged.

Remember that until recently, Google Lens technology was present in the last two smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Google, not officially available in France.

Small precision found in the article dedicated to Lens on the Google site, the option appears only on one condition: that the language used on the iOS or Android device is English. As for deployment, it will be progressive. Do not be surprised, if you do not find Lens immediately on your Photo application ... Not sure that, even by switching his smartphone in English, the function is pushed in France.

Without Google Photos, not Google Lens
You will understand, enjoy the first features of Google Lens can only be done through the Google Photo application, so via snapshots already taken and stored in it. Then simply press the icon in the form of a small square camera so that all the algorithms and artificial intelligence present in Lens are put into action. They will then be able to give you information on different elements of an image: for example, you communicate the name of one or more restaurants present on the photograph, identify a painting or a specific monument, while providing you with additional information (opinion , etc).
Subsequently, simply taking a snapshot of a business card will also create a contact directly in your directory. You will also be able to photograph a book cover and have access to readers' opinions concerning it; or again, thanks to a concert flyer, see the date of the latter to register in the calendar.

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