Apple recently announced its WWDC conference for the month of June, no one expected that the firm derives from its usual schedule with another event. Like what everyone can be wrong and Apple still knows to surprise the experts as the general public. The Cupertino giant has indeed sent a volley of messages to journalists to invite them to join them on "an excursion" devoted to education that will take place in a high school in the city of Chicago.

It is therefore rather far from Californian lands that Apple will discuss with the press its "new creative ideas for teachers and students". Apple had already organized an event on education in 2012 and had presented digital textbooks. What can we expect from this new day? Perhaps another initiative around code learning: Apple first launched the Switft Playground app to teach the code to children, but the company also launched the Everyone Can Code program. ..which is rightly available to 500,000 students in Chicago schools!

Apple could also take the opportunity to unveil new products. Of course, there are rumors of a new, more affordable Macbook that would be a perfect alternative to Chromebooks for students. But insistent rumors also evoke for several months the arrival of a possible "low-cost iPad". The supposed entry-level device would have a 9.7-inch display and would cost less than $ 300. Nothing has been confirmed, however.

But even if Apple presents only new specific discount programs for students and faculty, the company will have been less successful in surprising specialists!

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