In future versions of Chrome, it will be possible to simply save your passwords in a text file.

If you're a Chrome user and do not remember all the passwords you've saved in your browser, there's finally good news for you! Google will soon allow users of its Chrome browser to export saved passwords directly into a text file. Convenient to find a forgotten password or transfer them to a password manager.

Chrome Evangelist Fran├žois Beaufort revealed the information on his Google+ page. We learn that there are still active users on Google+ and that the document containing the passwords will be downloaded in csv format. However, no date of implementation of the function is indicated but it seems however that developers are already working on integration (link in English). It was already possible to find his passwords one by one, but this new function makes things much easier.

However, if you want to try this feature and save your passwords, it's entirely possible. Just go to Chrome in Developer Mode and look for the password manager in the settings. By clicking on the three-point menu to the right of the line "Saved passwords" you can quickly import your documents. Simple as hello, or almost!

Younes Derfoufi CRMEF OUJDA

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