The well-known Microsoft operating system is now available as an application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Launched twenty-three years ago (and yes ...), Windows 95 has been the operating system that marked its era at the same time and paved the way for all modern desktop operating systems. To measure the incredible evolution since its launch, know that the venerable OS of Microsoft is now available in the form of a tiny free application!

This is Felix Rieseberg, one of the developers of the Slack service, who initiated this crazy bet: make available Windows 95 available on Linux, Mac OS and Windows by putting it as an application Electron. Downloadable from GitHub (link in English), the application weighs only 129 MB and consumes just 200 MB of RAM to work. The old of the old will know what it represented at the time ...

And if you wonder if it works, the answer is yes! Finally almost, if Internet Explorer does not work, it is always possible to draw on this good old Paint, to write in Wordpad and especially to remake long parts of Solitaire. If you fancy nostalgia and old-fashioned Minesweeper, hurry up and install Windows 95!

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