Pokemon GO has been sweeping the world off its feet ever since the day it launched. The fact that the technology behind the game is augmented reality and a franchise that is over a decade old helped Pokemon GO amass a popularity within all ages. There have been people leaving their jobs and out to travel the world to become Pokemon masters, in search of the mythical creatures. The main aim of the game is to make people go out and have some physical activity while playing, at least according to Niantic. A lot of businesses are taking advantage of the popularity of the game to boost their sales by marking themselves as PokeStops and gyms, dropping lures and offering discounts. And now, a college has joined the fray to cheer on the players.

Fresno City College is offering a new course based on Pokemon GO. If you are asking yourself what is the topic of this course, it’s not economics, ethics, or human psychology, but physical education. The California-based college is offering one transferable credit to everyone who takes up the course, and it is all about walking. According to a Facebook post made by the college, the course will be available for the fall semester, and will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. The new course will be supervised by the college’s soccer coach Oliver Germond. Although the course is built around the game, the primary focus will be on walking, running and cardiovascular activities, according to the instructor.

The college campus itself has quite the impressive number of gyms and PokeStops. The flyer published by the college in Facebook mentions that the mobile data charges incurred while playing the game is the student’s responsibility. Fresno City College seems to be pretty serious about this course as the graphic designer for the college is already working on marking out the locations of PokeStops and gyms in this college. The college is not the first to introduce such a course, as the University of Idaho also announced a class based on Pokemon GO.

The augmented reality game, although wildly popular, has experienced its fair share of negative reviews. Players have been attempting dangerous activities, getting into accidents and breaking the law to catch Pokemon. Traps are also being set which lead to robberies and even murder. In such a situation, providing a safe and secure environment to students while encouraging physical activity is being seen as a welcome move by many.

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