Carbonite Unlimited Cloud BackupTaking time out of your week to back up files to a hard drive can be a pain. And even if you do backup, there’s a chance that hard drive could be destroyed in the same accident that kills your computer. That’s why automatic cloud backups are so important and helpful. Today’s GeekWire Deals offer gives you a discount on one of the most popular cloud backup options out there.

The Carbonite Unlimited Cloud Backup one-year subscription lets you set and forget your backup system. It quietly runs in the background and slowly copies every file on your computer to a secure server, letting you re-download them after disaster strikes. And because they’re in the cloud, you can also access your files from anywhere.

The one-year subscription is $44.99 from GeekWire Deals, 25 percent off the normal price. Make backing up easy and safe with this great deal.

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