Since the Russian government requested removal of the app from the App Store, no updates have been released. The Google Play Store, conversely, has not been intimidated ... for now.
A new diplomatic conflict shakes the Cupertino company. Harassed for months by the Russian authorities, the publisher Telegram has announced that it was unable to update the iOS version of its secure messaging application. "Apple has stopped validating Telegram's iOS updates globally for a month and a half, after Russia has decided to block Telegram," says Pavel Durov in a tweet.

Indeed, the Russian government banned the application of its territory last April, the publisher refused to provide encryption keys for its channels of discussion. But the blockage was not very effective. Users have still managed to access the messaging via VPN.
As a result, the Russian authorities have not hesitated to block millions of addresses, even to make collateral victims among other sites or online services.
Meanwhile, on April 17, the Russian government also asked Apple and Google to remove the Telegram app from their app stores. Since that day, no updates to Telegram have been posted on the App Store. Google's Play Store, on the other hand, has released all new versions as before. For the moment, Apple has not spoken on this subject.
For Telegram users, this situation is very embarrassing. The latest updates correct a number of bugs, especially at the level of stickers.

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