The dual camera module of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 -
This would allow the Korean to market his smartphone at the end of August and cut the grass under the feet to new Apple iPhone.

The tradition will be respected, although a little earlier this year. Samsung is expected to present its Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, at a press conference in New York. This is two weeks before the date chosen last year. The idea is that the device will be available on the market by the end of August.
According to Bloomberg, the smartphone should benefit from a new camera module, inspired in particular by that of the Galaxy S9. It will also be an opportunity to update its SoC, certainly an Exynos engraved in 7 nm. Last May, Samsung confirmed that it had started producing chips using this fine engraving.
Take Apple short
This will also allow Samsung to cut the grass under the feet of Apple, which is expected to present three new iPhone in September. One of them would be a big-screen iPhone X, which would therefore be perfectly positioned in front of the Galaxy Note 9. Apple's devices should also include a 7-nm chip.
Attention however, Bloomberg also specifies that Samsung's plans can still evolve as to this date.

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