Break out the gin and juice. The unlikely duo of lifestyle expert Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg are teaming up to star in a new unscripted series on VH1 where they host dinner parties with other celebrities, reports Variety.

With the working title Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party, the series will air weekly, and is set to premiere this fall. Stewart and Snoop are creators and executive producer alongside Kim Miller Olka (Sequential Brands Group), Ted Chung (Merry Jane), and SallyAnn Salsano (495 Productions).

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As odd as the pairing might seem, this actually isn’t the first time the two celebrities from very different worlds have appeared on screen together. Snoop Dogg has had multiple appearances on Stewart’s show, including a cooking segment that spawned a long-circulating viral meme that warns about stereotypes, noting that only one of the two is a convicted felon. (In 2004, Stewart publicly faced jail and house arrest time following a conviction or insider trading charges.) Last year, the pair also both appeared on the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, and most recently, they were paired together for ABC’s 100,000 Pyramid. Their chemistry is palpable, so it’s no surprise they decided to capitalize on both their on-screen success and the ability to capture two significant demographics.

Stewart says the show will “redesign the traditional food competition shows in a new, different, and very funny way,” while Snoop says he has a “special bond that goes back” with his “homegirl Martha.” Hinting at some après-dinner treats, he adds that he “can’t wait for you to see how we roll together.”

While Stewart’s television shows, books, and magazine that teach everything from how to make stellar party decorations to cooking fantastic meals might not necessarily appeal to the same demographic that enjoys Snoop’s music, her relationship with Snoop seems to have earned her some “street cred” with a younger generation. Snoop, meanwhile, has had an almost 25-year career in the music industry, and has sold 35 million albums worldwide to date. He has also appeared on television and in movies, both in cameos and supporting roles.

As you warm up for the new show, check out the cooking segment with the duo from 2008 at the top of this article.

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