A new iPhone 7 leak which emerged over the weekend adds even more credence to rumors that Apple’s next-gen smartphone will come with a Space Black color option. In a tweet published early on Sunday morning, Twitter user The Malignant posted photos of what purports to be a Space Black iPhone 7 rear casing along with Space Black versions of the device’s mute button and SIM card tray.

Over the past few years, Apple has steadily expanded the selection of available iPhone colors but we haven’t seen a purely black iPhone model since the iPhone 4s first landed in stores way back in 2011. That being the case, it’ll be nice to see Apple return to its roots and offer up the iPhone 7 in straight black.

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As for the newly unearthed photos, let’s dive in.

First up, we have the rear casing. And while no rumor is ever 100% verifiable until Tim Cook and co. march up on stage and announce or reveal something, the photo below does align with previous leaks we’ve come across which showcase a larger camera sensor relative to the iPhone 6s.

Next is a photo of the venerable mute button, also decked out in Space Black. Thankfully, previous rumors suggesting that the mute button was being shown the door appear to have been false. If the photo below looks at all familiar, it originally surfaced on Weibo about a week ago and has been slowly making its way through the blogosphere.

And lastly, we have the iPhone 7’s SIM card tray, itself draped in Space Black as well.

Also worth noting is a follow-up tweet from The Malignant wherein the claim is made that the iPhone 7 will not feature Corning’s recently announced Gorilla Glass 5. Made public just about three weeks ago, Gorilla Glass 5 displays are said to be significantly less prone to cracking or shattering when dropped from heights as high as 5.9 feet. Specifically, Corning boasts that Gorilla Glass 5 is four times as resilient as Gorilla Glass 4.

In a statement issued this past July, Corning said that Gorilla Glass 5 will begin showing up on handsets “from leading global brands later this year.” And if this iPhone 7 rumor is in fact true, Apple won’t be one of those brands.

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