Amelie, StartPup 2016 champion. (Via Wistia)

Stop playing with the office dog and read this: There was a global competition to find a champion of all office dogs, and it was called StartPup 2016, and if you had been staring at your computer instead of the floor, you could have maybe entered.

OK, we didn’t know about it either, and there is a dog that camps out in our tiny space. But check out the winners in what was billed as the first competition for startup dogs. Even if you work at giant, dog-friendly Amazon, you gotta love a startup dog.

The whole thing was put together by Wistia, a marketing and analytics platform, in collaboration with Humane Society International. Startups around the world were encouraged to “show off their professional pooches by making 2-minute videos showing how their office dogs contribute to positive work environments.”

Amelie, a French bulldog who is “head of client services” at London-based branding agency Rooster Punk, took the crown. A well-crafted video shows the black pup running late for meetings and, of course, playing ping pong … sort of.

She was crowned the winner “on the account of her blend of humor, elegance, and adventurousness,” Wistia said in its news release.

As champ, Amelie receives a free premium plan from Wistia, a $500 donation to a local Humane Society branch, a GoPro camera, a GoPro dog mount (for their dog to record his or her travels around the office), a Wistia dog bandana, and a certificate

Charlie, a miniature poodle from Wpromote, an online marketing firm in Los Angeles, came in second.

Want to watch more dog videos? Of course you do.

  • Third place: A collective of dogs at SCOTTeVEST clothing label based in Boise, Idaho.
  • Honorable mention: Nico, a rat terrier mix at Cliento in Mexico City.
  • Honorable mention: Rupurt Murdog, a terrier at Rixon in Chicago.
  • All eight StartPup finalists can be seen in videos here.

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