What you doing? You now VP of Twitter products!

For a company that seems like it’s always on the brink of going out of business, its comes as some surprise that Twitter just bought a business. But that’s what just happened as team Twitter has scooped up app maker YES, Inc., maker of the social media and planning apps Frenzy and WYD, or “what you doing.” It wasn’t really the apps that Twitter was after, it was CEO Keith Coleman, who will now serve as Twitter’s VP of Products.

Coleman previously worked as VP of Product for another tech company called “Google,” whatever that is, so hopefully he can bring some new ideas to Twitter, which despite being an icon of the social media world, is seemingly always on the brink of oblivion. Yes was a seven-person outfit and no terms of the deal were disclosed, but here’s hoping some interesting new Twitter things take flight soon.

Cheap chargers, very expensive fires

Powering and charging our gadgets is an ongoing struggle most of us deal with every day, and as we all know, chargers and cords wear out, burn up or get lost with maddening regularity. What to do? Buy more of them of course, but a new study by a British consumer safety group has found that pretty much all the cut-rate charger and cords sold online are basically fire hazards waiting to happen. Only 3 percent of the many units tested met British safety standards.

Apple has recently filed a lawsuit against a U.S. vendor selling knock-off charging bits on Amazon, and the online retail giant has also launched a crackdown of their own. Hey, we get it, 20 bucks is a lot to fork over to a company for an OEM charging cable, especially when you can get one that looks just like it elsewhere for, what, 79 cents? Great deal, but what’s your peace of mind worth? Especially during the holidays?

Fly and be free, and we’ll even let you fly for free

Hey it’s Friday and time for the video of the week, which is brought to you by JetPack Aviation! People have been dreaming about flying around with jetpacks since, well, jet engines were dreamed up, but it looks like the dream is getting closer to reality thanks to David Mayman and his team. Look at him go! No special effect here, folks, this real-deal jet pack flyin’. The JB-10 jetpack features two small turbines with ducted steering for control.

Since it runs on jet fuel and not electricity, you can add more range just by adding more gas. Best off all, Mayman says it’s easy to fly thanks to modern stability tech and their simplified control system. It’s so simple in fact, we’ve partnered with JetPack Aviation to give YOU a chance to pilot the pack, and you’ll be the first civilian jetpack pilot if we draw your name. Hit this link to enter and start dreaming about soaring like a jet-powered bird.

Source : www.digitaltrends.com

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