VMware has announced that they will be upping the ante on their partnership with Google by rolling out a new initiative for Chromebooks in enterprise, known as Workspace ONE. The program will make it easier to securely deploy, manage, and administer applications on Chrome OS, including virtual, web, and cloud apps. The goal is to speed along adoption of Chromebooks in enterprise by making them a more appealing option when it comes to security, ease of use, and maintenance. These are all areas that Chromebooks already beat Windows, Mac, and Linux machines in regards to in some ways, but VMware wants to offer a more complete and full-featured package to up the appeal factor.

Some of the key features of Workspace ONE include enhanced encryption, one-touch secure access and authentication, and enhanced management features, allowing administrators to keep things under control with less effort, setup, and maintenance. Along with Chrome OS’ native encryption, the special TPM chips found in some Chromebooks, verified boot, and sandbox capabilities, the setup presents top-notch security. Workspace ONE also ties in closely with VMware Horizon 7 and VMware Horizon Cloud to help deliver more traditional desktop applications. VMware’s security and administration services extend to these applications, as well as Android apps on Chromebooks managed under Workspace ONE. On the user side, a single, simple, secure sign-on grants them access to a full-featured digital workspace that securely delivers any kind of applications that their company may need them to use. Thanks to this combination, Chromebooks are just as viable on their own as they are serving as thin clients. Naturally, all of this also spells minimal software and network maintenance, and most Chromebooks are well-made enough to warrant little to no hardware maintenance.

VMware’s partnership with Google goes all the way back to 2015. Since then, they’ve been helping to deliver top-notch enterprise management and capabilities to all Google hardware, and have been helping to keep Android secure. Workspace ONE is just the latest initiative in VMware’s promising relationship with Google, one which promises to help Chromebooks become a more viable option for enterprise use. Workspace ONE is available right now for administrators who are interested in deploying the program across a fleet of Chromebooks.

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