Definition of Webmarketing

Webmarketing or net marketing is to improve the visibility and traffic of a website by using the internet as a prospecting channel and to develop a long-term loyalty relationship with Internet users or customers of a website and possibly social media. set up by the website. It is the combination of marketing techniques, statistics, sales and communication with computer technologies and telecommunications oriented networks and databases and computer graphics applied to multimedia. This combination should make it possible to create useful, ergonomic, user-friendly and secure interfaces for an Internet, Intranet or Extranet service user. The synergy of these techniques must meet two main objectives: The conquest and the loyalty of the user. The expected result is the profitability of the data and communication service. The web media as opposed to the conventional media (TV, press and radio) has a definite advantage: everything is quantifiable since each action ordered on a server is  actually recorded by it. The interest of "webmarketing" is precisely to be able to analyze the behavior of Internet users in order to derive marketing rules and thus target its audience.

Domains of applications

Turn Internet users into customers and make a website profitable.
In this case, a customer may be a user who buys from a merchant site.
It can also be an active visitor who allows a non-commercial site to finance itself by e-pub or one of the different forms of partnerships.
For an intranet, the customer is the internal partner (employees) or external (providers) to the company. It must be able to draw on the service the information, the tools of work and communication essential to increase its productivity and, for that very reason, that of the company owning the service.

It is possible to classify the actions of webmarketing in 6 categories :


    - Study the positioning of a new website or audit an existing site.
    - Analyze the evolution of the demand: define customer targets, analyze their expressed and latent needs, identify their purchasing process,
    - Study the competition
    - Define a strategic positioning, a strategy of conquest and loyalty
    - Identify and evaluate specialized solutions and providers to implement a site, its databases, incentives, secure payment system, ergonomics and multimedia interface (image, sound, video, streaming, broadcast, etc.).
    - Study the different forms of access to the site and the different hosting offers.

2. Plan actions

    - Desktop and mobile site deployment actions
    - Offline and online promotion actions
    - Loyalty actions
    - Performance measurement actions

3. Execute the action plan

    - Pilot and coordinate the implementation actions of the various partners for the creation, promotion, maintenance of the site (control and updating) and performance measurement
    - Implement the most effective promotional techniques to generate traffic (referencing, partnership, sponsorship, affiliation, e-advertising, direct mail, e-busmailing ...).
    - Set up performance measurement tools (web analytics)

4. Control the execution

    - Realize the functional recettage of the website
    - Monitor the effectiveness of performance measurement systems
    - Control the good progress of the promotional actions (fight against the fraud on the advertising networks, quality of the execution of the campaigns by the providers ...)

5. Measure the results and the relevance of the "Axes and supports" communication actions by statistical controls.

    - Analysis of the overall performance of the site with the web analytics tool
    - Analyze the performance of each promotion campaign with the tools provided by the platform

6. Optimize the device

    - Improve site conversion rates with techniques such as A / B testing, multivariate testing, web retargeting and email retargeting
    - Optimize secure payment and billing systems.
    - Optimize prices according to those of the competition.
    - Adapt products according to demand
    - Set up loyalty schemes (emailing, loyalty program, retargeting)

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