Webmarketing is a very broad word that includes many sub-themes. For more than 10 years, it has grown considerably and specialized. Thus, each branch of web marketing is no longer a specialty but a profession (or trades!) In its own right.


"Marketing" and therefore "Webmarketing" are scary words. We immediately imagine something aggressive, a commercial phone call or a spam in his mailbox. However, web marketing when it is well done is something good for both the company but also for the targeted user.

To learn more about webmarketing more generally, do not hesitate to consult the page on the generalities of webmarketing, in the form of questions and answers.

Web analytics

Web analytics refers to analyzing the statistics of a website, traffic sources, profiles of Internet users to their behavior. Many conclusions can then be drawn from these analyzes, which will lead to various optimizations. Do not hesitate to consult the web analytics page for more information.

Web ergonomics

Ergonomics is a word that can be scary but can lead to sometimes very simple optimizations. It is a part of web marketing that optimizes a site (or an application for example) to make it the easiest and pleasant to visit for users and / or users. An integral and important part of ergonomics is accessibility, which consists in making the site navigable by the largest possible number of Internet users, including those with impairments (visual or otherwise).

Ergonomics is crucial, especially in the optimization of e-commerce performance, conversion rates and transformation. To learn more, do not hesitate to consult the page on ergonomics.

Community Management

Community management, which is too quick to summarize to the management of a corporate Facebook page, is actually something much more complex that will bring together strategies, management and content creation, management and animation of communities. a lot of analysis! We can think that his glory days are past and this is partly true: small businesses are disinterested in it. It is mainly due to its popularization that has often been poorly realized. No community management is not given to everyone, and yes it requires expertise. One thing is sure, good examples are not missing and this, every year.

To find out more about community management, do not hesitate to consult the page provided for this purpose.


Emailing, we know everything it is. What we know a little less is the technical and marketing aspects that can be hidden behind. From the choice of the sender, to the categorization of the Internet users, each step is crucial to the success of a campaign.

Worse, if you make repeated mistakes, it can tarnish forever your domain name. It is therefore essential not to attack the emailing without being well prepared. Webmail filters are becoming more difficult to override.

To know more about the emailing, do not hesitate to consult the page provided for this purpose.


Knowing your customers is the first step in loyalty. When we know the average baskets of a first client and that of a loyal customer, we quickly understand the interest of building customer loyalty. Not to mention the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire qualified traffic, in the face of increasing competition.

CRM / ERP is software that allows the creation and management of user databases, perfect to categorize its audience and therefore tackle areas of web marketing such as emailing for example.

To find out more about CRM / ERP, go to the explanatory page created for this purpose.

The right on the Internet

The right on the Internet is not to be neglected. Every year, thousands of sites are pinned by the CNIL, the organization in charge of Internet law in France. No one is supposed to ignore the law then hammers the institute to those who are amazed at his actions.

Make sure you are up-to-date on the regulations on the Internet by visiting the page provided for this purpose.

Web marketing tools

Using tools is a real plus: both to increase productivity but also and above all to achieve actions that are almost impossible otherwise. Whether for ergonomic tests, to gain comfort, to enjoy free features or to better understand the behavior of users, most of the tools presented are free, although some have paid premium versions.

Articles on the web marketing

For several years, many articles have been published on the web marketing. Do not hesitate to consult them. Keep in mind, however, that some are years old and practices may have evolved since then.

Banner ads

The display is everywhere. After only 2 minutes browsing the web, no doubt you have crossed dozens of banners, without paying attention.

The display is a topic of the web marketing very governed and very framed. The formats for example are almost all identical. They are governed by the IAB which dictates informal rules taken by 99% of the actors.

To learn more about the specificities of the display banners, do not hesitate to consult the page provided for this purpose.

Some figures on the internet

Did you know that "only" 70% of Internet users buy online? The remaining 30% do not buy because they do not trust security systems on the Internet. The internet is full of surprises and what better than data to better understand it.

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