It will finally be possible to have encrypted conversations on Skype instant messaging.

While most competing instant messengers have already been there - some even highlighting it as their main asset - Microsoft was not in a hurry to implement end-to-end encryption of Skype conversations. But it's done now, since the encryption feature has just been implemented on mobile and desktop versions

For this feature, Skype uses the encryption protocol of Open Whisper Systems, the company behind the Signal discussion application. A protocol also used by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google. If encryption covers both text exchanges and audio or video calls, there are still some damaging disadvantages. First, conversations are not automatically encrypted by default, you must first invite your interlocutor to participate in a private conversation, which will be indicated by a lock icon.

Another point identified by the MS PowerUser site (link in English), "Users can only participate in one private conversation from a single device at a time." That is, a private conversation is tied to a specific device, so you will not be able to have a private conversation with the same person on your computer and your smartphone at the same time.

As the arrival of end-to-end encryption was announced in January, it is hoped that Microsoft will take less time to correct this feature than to implement it.

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