After years, it is finally possible to cancel the sending of an email in the Android version of Gmail.

For over three years now, Google has implemented a very practical feature on the Web version of its Gmail email that all users aware but still blunderers know very well: the possibility for a few seconds to cancel the sending of a message. A feature oddly absent from the Android version of Gmail, but better off than late, Google finally fixes this error.

According to the Android Police website, the message cancellation feature is being distributed to users of version 8.7 of the Android application, distributed since mid-July. Curious as it may seem, the feature was not yet present in the Android version of Gmail, while it was on its equivalent iOS, but also in the iOS and Android applications of Inbox, the other service of Google messaging.

After pressing the send button, a dark cartridge appears at the bottom of the window and offers to cancel sending for several seconds. If the decision time of 5 seconds is activated by default, you can nevertheless choose to give yourself up to 30 seconds maximum to return to its sending decision by changing the option in the parameters.

A feature that will please everyone who has regretted sending too fast an email at least once in their life!

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