It's now much easier for Instagram users to get the famous blue sticker.

Like on Twitter, Instagram has long offered the opportunity to obtain certification for a user account. But so far, getting the precious blue sesame check was rather complicated: on the one hand the process to get his badge was very opaque and Instagram seemed to distribute them to the drip. But a new security update will simplify access to a verification badge.

From now on, it will be enough to fill a simple form and to provide some legal information on the application of Instagram to be able to claim a verification badge. But as Instagram explains on his blog, making a request does not necessarily mean getting the badge, it will have to meet several conditions and a high number of followers seems to be the main one.

This openness is actually part of a broader security update. In addition to the verification, Instagram will add a section "About this account" on accounts with many followers, so that they get more information on the account followed and especially know that it is not about a fake. Finally, Instagram will also add support for third-party authentication applications, another form of double-factor authentication.

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