For its Fire TV customers, Amazon plans to launch an ad-supported video service.
If Amazon's Fire TV multimedia ecosystem - which exists as an HDMI key but also in the form of the recent Fire Cube smart box - is not necessarily the best known in France, it nevertheless has no less than 48 million users worldwide, including a large portion in North America. For its users, Amazon would plan to launch a free video service funded by advertising.

For the moment known as Free Dive, this service would not be a free alternative to Prime Videos if we believe the article The Information (link in English), at the origin of the scoop. The service would rather be directed to the broadcasting of old television series, Amazon would also be in talks with various channels and studios to acquire broadcast rights.

For The Information, this service would be a way to nibble a little more shares in the very large TV advertising market. It is also interesting to note that the service would be developed by IMDB, a service that also belongs to Amazon and on which the giant has introduced advertising content, just like on its Twitch gaming video platform. And that Amazon also plans to add advertising content in its broadcasts of major sporting events, which will be broadcast on Prime.

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