In Japan, Nintendo sells Switch without dock
Nintendo will offer Japanese players to buy a 2nd Switch tablet without the docking station.
Nintendo has decided to offer Japanese gamers a new way to buy the Switch through a new "bundle" whose particularity is not to contain the dock for playing the console on a TV. But in reality, this pack is not really intended for players hungry for portability, but rather homes already have a switch connected to family television.

Sold 24980 yen, or 5000 yen (40 euros) less than the normal box, this bundle contains the game tablet, two joysticks and straps. No dock and no HDMI cable, and it also lacks the grip of Joy Con and another important element: the AC adapter. It will therefore buy separately if you want to enjoy the Switch in portable mode only. And the official power adapter is sold close to 30 euros, the economy is finally 10 €. A rebate quite unenthusiastic.
In short this bundle seems mainly intended for players already owners of a Switch, and who would like to have a second available. It's a good idea for Daddy to play quietly in Zelda while the kids are having fun with Splatoon 2 on the living room console. Nintendo has not yet indicated whether this type of offer will also be offered in Europe.

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