The omnipresence of Google and its tenacity to offer a complete ecosystem for its Assistant and its connected speakers will eventually pay. Because for the first time since launch, the volume of Google Home shipped would have surpassed that of the Amazon Echo for the first quarter of the year. In addition to temporarily taking the leadership of the sector of connected speakers, Google is paying the luxury of showing an insolent growth of 483% compared to the first quarter of 2017.

It must be said that the entire sector of connected speakers is booming as revealed by a study analysts Canalys (link in English). In the first quarter of 2017, the total number of connected speakers sold was 2.9 million devices and was largely dominated by Amazon, which accounted for 79.6% of the market. A year later, the figure rose to 9 million units sold (an increase of 210%!) And the market is divided mainly between Google, Amazon, Alibaba and Xiaomi.

If Amazon was the first to introduce the Echo in November 2014, two years before Google, the company was too slow to offer his device outside the United States. While Google has quickly proposed its device on other continents: perfect example, Google Home arrived in France less than a year after its launch in the United States, while the Echo is still absent.

And given the craze for connected speakers, it is likely that Google continues to dominate the market for a little while.

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