Barely a month after the release of the Toy-Con 2 Robot Nintendo Labo kit, the Fnac offers a discount of 20 euros putting this funny toy to only 38.99 euros.
Big and small children will be delighted to learn that the Toy-Con 2 Robot Nintendo Labo kit has a nice discount at Fnac. By mentioning the promo code CARTON, the price of this funny toy goes from 58.99 euros to 38.99 euros.

The concept is simple: in the box of cardboard elements, elastics, strings and stickers make it possible to build something to transform your Switch into a backpack ... which will make of its bearer a robot able to annihilate the objects that he meets in the game.
The experience is fun, but we must be careful if we want to make the game last as we realized when handling the kit to the editorial
Good to know, if you add the Nintendo Labo pens to your basket, they will be offered. Attention, only the first 500 orders will take advantage of all these advantages.

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