At E3, Microsoft announced that it wanted to bring its game streaming service to "any device".
If we know streaming especially for movies, series and music, streaming video games is also clearly on the rise. Sony and Microsoft, the two gaming giants, have their own service: Playstation Now and Xbox Games Pass. If both services have their catalog and quality, Playstation Now has the advantage of being available on PC. To thwart Sony, Microsoft would like to bring its own service on PC, but also on other devices.

In any case, this is what Microsoft said during its conference at the E3 show, by announcing the "projects of the Microsoft Gaming Cloud team to develop a game streaming service offering games quality console on any device ". Specifically, Microsoft wants to use its strong AI skills to create a service that can provide a game experience and graphics worthy of the XBox on a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, or even why not a connected TV.
Unfortunately, Microsoft has not given much more information, so we do not know if this service will be linked to the current Game Pass or when it will be available. But we already know that it is planned, and it is already excellent news in itself.

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