The feature was already in test
June 12, 2018, by Ludovic Barry, News columnist
Microsoft has added a new feature to the Microsoft Store website called "Installer on my devices". This new feature allows the user, from the Microsoft Store website, to install applications remotely on their devices using Windows 10 and the same Microsoft account. It is currently being tested and accessible to a small group of people at the moment. A similar feature exists on Google Play, and Microsoft wants to bring to PC users.

When you open the page of an application that you have installed on the Microsoft Store, a button called "Install on my devices will be available.

When the user clicks the "Install on my devices" button, a list of devices using the same account is displayed. Thus, the user can select the devices on which he wants to install the application and press the "Install Now" button for remote installation. Therefore, the application will be installed on Windows.

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