Qualcomm announces this August 14, 2019, its collaboration with Russian telecom operators and the Moscow authorities to develop a 5G millimeter wave network by autumn. It will be the first network using millimeter waves on the European continent.
The first 5G millimeter wave network of the European continent is set to open in the autumn, in the Moscow city of Russia. This is the announcement made by the American company Qualcomm on Tuesday, August 14, 2019, which adds that the project is conducted in partnership with the Department of Information Technology of Moscow and Russian mobile operators.

Qualcomm is very attached to 5g mmwave technology
This first deployment of a 5G millimeter wave network on the old continent is an important step for Qualcomm. The company has been the driving force behind the integration of this 5G frequency band, but Europe is not a particularly favorable territory, as opposed to North America and Asia.
According to Qualcomm, it will "test and market a wide range of new applications, ranging from better fixed and wireless mobile broadband access for private users to unprecedented business solutions." Specifically, the company mentions virtual and augmented reality applications.
First step towards broader deployment
The company says the project is in anticipation of a wider deployment planned next year. "5G networks should allow Moscow and its companies to create new jobs and develop new generation applications," says the company.
She added that "Moscow is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, and in the next few years it wants to equip business centers, stadiums, main streets, congresses, railway stations and airports of a high-speed, low-latency, high-capacity mobile network The deployment of 5G networks on the n257 mmwave band will enable operators to achieve this goal. "
Huawei also uses russian operators
Qualcomm is not the only one interested in the Russian market. Chinese telecom giant Huawei signed an agreement on 5 June on the development of 5G technology in Russia and the launch of pilot networks for 2019-2030 with the Russian telecommunications company MTS.


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