After Baltimore (Maryland) and Riviera Beach (Florida), Texas is in turn victim of a major cyberattack. In the morning of Friday, 23 government institutions were the target of a ransomware, software that keeps the data and only makes them for ransom.

According to the state of Texas, federal networks and systems were not affected by the attack. The victims would be mostly local communities. The investigation has not yet identified the hacker (s). It could be a single person, reports Engadget this Sunday.

The trail of a malicious email
The information resources department has not yet succeeded in explaining how the hacker managed to infiltrate the networks. This intrusion on government sites could be the result of a simple email containing a link or a malicious attachment.

Usually, this type of attack is accompanied by a ransom demand for the return of sequestered files. Texas has not yet indicated whether it will give in to blackmail and pay a ransom. The amount of the amount claimed by the pirate is unknown.

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