Faster, more convenient and less intensive, Cortana should take the form of a Google Assistant app.

We have known for a few weeks:
faced with competition from Alexa and other Google Assistant, significantly more successful, Microsoft has mourned Cortana in its current form. In fact, instead of being automatically integrated with Windows 10, as was the case since 2014, the intelligent assistant of the firm of Redmond will become a standalone app, that everyone can install or not at will.

And the intentions of the publisher are clarifying a little today, with the release of a first beta of Cortana new generation. Offered to Windows Insider program members through the Build 18945, this first draft already gives an idea of ​​the direction that Microsoft intends to follow. As the publisher explains in a publication, Cortana will focus on the conversational mode, both in writing - with text - and orally - with instructions and voice responses.

Compatible with the dark and bright themes of Windows, Cortana will be materialized by a conversation window that will be much less intrusive, so as not to interfere with software and apps of the first order. This change of interface will be accompanied by various improvements that should bring more speed and fluidity to Cortana, especially in the management of different languages. So many promises that suggest that Cortana will look like a Google Assistant with Microsoft sauce.

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