The Surface family would have little problems with endurance. In recent weeks, many users complain about the abnormal behavior of the battery of their devices.
It's been a few days now that Microsoft Surface enthusiasts are grumbling on forums and social networks. Many owners of Surface Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 6 and Laptop 2 are experiencing battery problems with their favorite companions. Sudden discharges in full use, poor charging indications that lead to lower performance (Windows reduces the wings of components when the battery reaches a certain threshold) or significant loss of recharge capacity ... the menu is loaded. Microsoft must redouble its efforts to respond to its consumers on its support channels.

The latest example is that of a user who has published a record of the activity of his battery showing clearly that after 20 minutes spent at a complete stop, his Surface Laptop 2 had increased from 100 to 70% of battery .

Some users think that the cause of all this mess in the battery cells could be a recently deployed firmware that would play the spoilers. Others mention the possibility that this is the last big update of Windows 10, whose part related to the energy management would not have been correctly recalibrated. Anyway, it's a safe bet that to overcome these concerns, Microsoft is working hard to find a solution ... probably by designing a new firmware for Surface.

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