This seventy-ninth version of the Mozilla Web browser gives Mac users a head start, a little more trouble with Flash, and smarter PC tab browsing.
Firefox 69 will be deployed tomorrow, Wednesday, September 4th. And if you are in a hurry to get your hands on it, Mozilla already offers a preloading of the installation file on its FTP. Attention, the interface is ... foundry brute. The title of the links is quite clear but if you have any doubt, wait until the update program included in the browser offers the new version.
A new version that brings a lot of novelties in his luggage. Normally, the password generator already announced last June will be from the trip (but we have not found any traces in the current beta notes) and closely followed by the permanent deactivation of the Flash module. This does not mean that you will no longer be able to enjoy Flash content, it will simply allow the site using Flash to start the plugin and this at each visit.

macOS in the spotlight

Although the summary of the other new features has not yet been published by Mozilla, we already know that the beta of FF 69 includes new features that will please users of macOS. Thus, on laptops equipped with two graphics chips, Firefox will now be able to juggle intelligently between these components, depending on the graphics resources needed to display pages. For example, it is now the least energy-hungry 3D chip (the Intel processor controller) that will be used for WebGL. The purpose: save the battery, pardi. Another good news for apple computer users is that the progress of downloads in Firefox will appear in the Finder.

Tabs better managed by Windows

For PC users, the big news is probably the intelligent management of computing resources allocated by Windows, thanks to the information transmitted by the browser. The visible tabs will have priority over those that are open but not displayed on the screen.
Firefox now supports a security extension that works with Windows Hello, provided you have installed the latest major update of Windows 10 (May 2019 or 19H1).

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