would work on a smarter way to display the thumbs-up count collected by a publication, to limit ego wars and deletions of publications.
Bye bye thumb up. Facebook is it about to revolutionize its mode of operation? It could be good. The behemoth of social networks is currently leading tests to show a limited number of "Likes" on a post published in the News Feed column. "Thumbs up" that would be mainly attributed by known contacts of the person browsing the thread of his publications.
It's the engineer / researcher Jane Manchun Wong, well known for her discoveries of new features on social network apps and often integrated into test programs, who noticed this new behavior of Facebook on her Android smartphone.
Towards a disappearance of Like?
Remember that currently Facebook conducts the same type of experience on its Instagram app with a large number of users in 7 countries including Canada, Italy, Japan or Ireland. The purpose of this moderation of the number of Likes posted would aim to temper the egos that can occur between users very active following the publication of a post on the same subject. To limit the number of destructions of publications that would not - conversely - not enough recommendations or comments.

Our American colleagues from the TechCrunch site interviewed Facebook spokespersons about this test phase. They confirmed that work of this nature was well underway. They even mentioned the possibility of completely removing the counter of "Likes" while stating that nothing was decided yet. No doubt the social network managers are thinking about the consequences that this could have in the short and long term on their platform, for the users as well as for the brands and the advertising revenue generated by rebound.


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