Verbatim secures its new portable hard drive with a fingerprint reader
The FingerPrint Secure drive has hardware encryption and fingerprint access.
Known a few years ago for its USB sticks, as well as its blank CDs and DVDs, the manufacturer Verbatim is back on the storage market by presenting to the IFA an original portable hard drive. The FingerPrint Secure is distinguished by a hardware encryption (AES 256 bits), but especially by its built-in fingerprint reader.

Up to eight fingerprints
It becomes easy to unlock the disk, without having to remember a password. With the supplied software, up to eight fingerprints can be registered.
Compact (126 x 81 x 16.5 mm), the drive has a USB Type-C interface and can be connected to a computer with USB Type-C or USB Type-A (cable and adapter are provided). Verbatim also delivers the Nero Backup backup program.
The disc costs 129.99 euros for a capacity of 1 TB and 169.99 euros for 2 TB.

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