Despite the explosion in data consumption and cloud services, the energy expenditure of data centers has been contained since 2010. Google sees itself as a model of its kind. Significant progress has been made in the energy efficiency of data centers. An article in Science magazine even established this week that if the amount of calculation performed in data centers increased by around 550% between 2010 and 2018, the amount of energy consumed would have only increased by 6% during the same period.

Artificial intelligence optimizes cooling

Google immediately welcomed the news with a post on one of its blogs, adding some interesting details to the question by sharing their experience.
Its vice-president of infrastructure, Urs Hölze, recalls that an incessant hunt for waste has been implemented at all levels. Lighting and heat sensors have been installed to reduce the energy expended. Most importantly, machine learning algorithms have been used since 2014 to optimize machine cooling on the fly.
According to expert Frédéric Bordage, author of the book La Sobriété numérique published in October 2019, data centers still represent 15% of the impacts of digital. But he estimates that their energy efficiency would have doubled on average over the past fifteen years.

Source : Google

Younes Derfoufi

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