Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. The Python Developer's handbook presents novices with a simple advent to the basics, and experts will locate advanced info they want.
On this you will see the subsequent things beneath.
* Python 3.6 Documentation
. educational
. Library Reference
. Language Reference
. Python Setup and usage
. Python HOWTOs
. installing Python Modules
. distributing Python Modules
. Extending and Embedding
. Python/C API
. FAQs
* A Byte of Python (offline)
* Dive into Python 3 (offline)
* Dive into Python (offline)
* Python 3.6 Reference (on-line)
* Non-Programmer's tutorial for Python 3 (on line)
* A amateur's Python tutorial (on-line)

you may discover all this segment offline without any internet connection and lean Python effortlessly anywhere and every time.

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