Game programming, advent from scratch: for kids and teenagers, in addition to their mother and father and instructors! element two. Designed for a extensive range of readers and students of programming. Examples using Tkinter - constructing modern windowing interfaces.
Writing games: studying Python programming with the aid of writing easy video games that demonstrate programming capabilities.

on this component, the main emphasis is on the examine of records structures as a device for processing information programmatically. Symbols, strings, one-dimensional and two-dimensional lists, algorithms for their processing, encryption, recursion, records sorting. Bonus: quick type algorithm and lengthy mathematics.

Why this particular educational? i've been operating as a pc technology instructor for almost two a long time and come across one disturbing component. most of the substances designed to "educate programming" do not certainly teach, however are a sort of language reference: syntax, functions, result. Agree, despite the fact that we examine the entire Russian-English dictionary, we might not talk English. due to the fact for a verbal exchange you need to realize a thousand greater subtleties: tenses, declensions, using pronouns and prepositions, and so on. on this tutorial, I communicate no longer most effective approximately the Python language, however also lead the reader through reasoning, logical reasoning, answering no longer most effective the query "With what assist?", however also "For what?" and why?" The entire idea will without delay be contemplated in exercise.

cloth shape:
- basic data approximately symbols, strings, lists;
- algorithms built the usage of recursion;
- long arithmetic;
- tricks and tricks of the programmer: you cannot cheat fate, but you may (and have to) make your paintings less difficult;
- video games: there are 4 video games on this part:

1. "wager the word" - a recreation wherein the user, selecting one letter at a time, attempts to guess the word of a certain problem in a small range of tries.

2. "Fifteen" - a puzzle from my Soviet early life, in which there's best one free cell on a 4x4 discipline. it's miles essential to cunningly move the dies with numbers from 1 to fifteen and make a sure series. by the way, this puzzle has been dripping for years.

three. "space Invaders" (c) (tm), and many others. The famous sport with aliens arriving; we will have a light model carried out with Tkinter. You your self can do something more worthy. one of the courses ranked area Invaders first in the ranking of space shooters.
four. "Sokoban" - a loader simulator. let's keep in mind the principles of building labyrinth video games in 2d perspective (top view).

The offered algorithms are aimed at instructing:
- information the ideas of the processor;
- practical ability to create and write algorithms within the language;
- the potential to implement facts processing with Python gear;
- the potential to use present day excessive-stage language facilities;
- ... and popularization of innovative hobby.

you may locate:
- algorithms for processing information structures;
- practical recommendation and remarks based totally on a few years of revel in;
- levels of designing algorithms for video games;
- an outline of the paintings of the Tkinter library with sensible examples;
- checks to enhance know-how of Python code.

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