Rumors are circulating that Sony will officially unveil its PlayStation 4 Neo console at an event in New York City, scheduled to take place on September 7.

Ahead of this year’s E3 event, word began to spread that Sony was working on an enhanced version of its PlayStation 4 hardware that was better suited to the demands of its PlayStation VR peripheral.

However, E3 2016 came and went without the project being revealed, as Sony opted to focus in on software rather than hardware. Meanwhile, Microsoft showed off a slim version of its Xbox One, and even teased an even more powerful version of the system code-named Project Scorpio.

While Sony chose not to exhibit the Neo at E3, speculation about the console did prompt the company to comment on its development. Just a few days ahead of the event, a representative confirmed the existence of the project — but most of the information we have about the hardware comes from leaks, rather than official sources.

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If Neo is intended to improve the PlayStation VR experience, then it would make sense for the hardware to launch in the same release window as the headset. Sony plans to unleash its take on virtual reality this October, so a September reveal for the revised console seems believable.

There’s another factor that adds credence to the idea that Sony will spill the beans on Neo next month. Nintendo is expected to unveil its NX on September 12, according to a report from MCV, which would allow Sony to steal some of its rival’s thunder.

However, a September 7 reveal in New York would be unusual, considering that Sony could use the bigger platform of the Tokyo Game Show just eight days later. One thing seems clear — September looks poised to be a big month for the video game industry.

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