S Pen and finger clashed in a duel and the stylus came out victorious. In last week's poll, three-quarters of voters backed the S Pen. And that was even before they knew Galaxy Note7's stylus can write underwater!
Some, though, refuse to go back to non-finger input, but they were in the minority. There were some concerns how the S Pen would work with the curved screen, but Note7's screen isn't all that curved.
Going through the comments, there are plenty of uses for the S Pen - taking a note during a call, sketching an idea, drawing, some like its accuracy (compared to fingers) when browsing the web and so on.

My favorite use has to be edgy's suggestion - use the S Pen for emulated Nintendo DS games. The handheld console has two screens and a stylus used on the lower screen. Some games made great use of that, like Guitar Hero's pick-stylus (the old Nokia 5800 used to come with a pick-like stylus, I wonder if there's a similar thing that works with the S Pen digitizer?).
Another suggestion on this topic came from whitedragon, who uses the S Pen for old games like Baldur's Gate, whose UI was hardly designed with touchscreen smartphones in mind but a mouse instead.
Anyway, all S Pen fans have their own use for it and sound quite unwilling to part with it, which brings them back to the Galaxy Note line again and again.

Source : www.gsmarena.com

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